Emerging Farmer business focused on creating a sustainable future worldwide.

Global Green Business

Global GreenBiz entered a phase of unprecedented innovation. Green-growth opportunities are leading the way, and new models for resource efficiency are emerging at a rapid pace.

We work with climate-focused innovators from pre-funded start-ups and unicorns to entrepreneurial incumbents. We help them build new businesses that drive global sustainability efforts. We support our African children born in the USA, through every stage of the journey, from strategic vision to market assessments, sustainable product design, financing, and talent strategy.

As an emerging African immigrant farmer, I want to pioneer farming for our children and other immigrants, through passion of the land in the US and in Africa for many generations to come.

Global Greenbiz’s vision is to advance a resilient agricultural system that demonstrates the power to heal our lands, nourish our communities and prepare young American and African children to becoming aspiring farmers.  Global GreenBiz is a private organisation whose mission is to cultivate and empower youth through nature, healthy food, and community. We envision a world where food and agriculture systems are profitable for farmers, fair to workers, beneficial to consumer health, restorative for rural communities in the USA as well as in Africa and regenerative for the environment we live in.

Emerging West African Immigrants farmers in the US

The United States is the a land of opportunity therefore we want to have our children of African descent born in the US to embrace the land and grow their food to add the legacy of farming in the United States for many more generations to come. The love of the land must be seeding in our children today for their future to be center in the US.

Global Greenbiz is also focused on strengthening the local food system in rural Senegal by connecting growers, eaters, creatives and economic developers to increase healthy food access, encourage entrepreneurship, and cultivate creativity. Global Greenbiz’s story is deeply rooted in supporting farm to school initiatives, and its pioneering spirit has helped school districts and growers around the our farm to consider creating a farm to school networks of their own parallel to the conventional educational system. To help in the health food desert that our country Senegal is facing we use a model that help us generate funds that help us sustain our company by purchasing our local produces from the local farmers by paying them a very good rate from which we appreciate their efforts, then we take the produce to our warehouse where we washed then, based them and sell them in our rural communities mostly in Dakar and in Thies.